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July 2015

Funky Friday !!

So its a friday and i think friday is “my day” lol. Well simply because i get to munch on good food. This day is always filled with junk though,its not right but hey one day wont kill you.20150731_190312

That bit was just devine.That is the Boxmaster from KFC . The only thing I really enjoy from KFC.Tortilla wrap,hash brown,nacho cheese slices,shredded lettuce,sliced tomato,and a nice spicy chicken breast(I like it spicy)…HEAVEN !!!!!!20150731_184957

I would’ve preffered Lemon Twist for a drink but hey either way its the Boxmaster that matters.

Whats your favourite take away?

July 29 is National Lasagna Day

July 29 is National Lasagna Day.


Comment on my posts ,tell me about your expreriences with some of the food I post.Come on lets have the biggest discussion over FOOD!


Theres light in the middle of the cupcake !


Chocolate cupcake with a chocolate centre…Food Heaven instantly !!!

Jam Jars !


This has become the coolest thing in food joints lately.Well I’m yet to try it out but hey after all

its just a drink in a jam jar :D. . .ok maybe I’m too chilled about this .I would love love love to try the blackberry sage and raspberry lime,Berry lovin’ !

What would you have?

Its not just about diced pinapples. . .


But this fruit is too beautiful.Imagine on a hot summers day ,cutting into a chilled ripe mango…talk about #foodorgasm. Its like little fairies moonwalking on your tongue ,lol.

Cake eating 101 !


Nothing beats a huge slice of cake.So we all like different things,right?,for example I love me some tiramisu cake.I could have that all day .all week(ohk maybe that was exaggerated a little too much,lol). So a friend of mine loves red velvet cake/cupcakes,honestly i dont get the obsession with red velevet ,maybe i just havent had a good red velvet cake but for me red velvet creates an empty hole inside of me waiting to filled by moist,dark chocolate cake or even tiramisu.

I am yet to find that one red velvet cake waiting to impress me for now,I’ll just do me.


#ROCOMAMAS Please go check this site out and if you have time take a friend or lover out to lunch or dinner.Even though I havent been here myslef the burgers look worth every cent and I mean if it doesnt look appetizing its not going to cut it .

My Food Bucket List:

  1. Go to Rocomamas !


A cup of yummy-ness . . .


I’ll just leave this here and let your imagination run WILD!!!

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