2015-07-28_21.41.37 2015-07-28_21.46.56 2015-07-28_21.49.22Ok so its a bit late for a dinner post but i enjoyed the simplicity of the food so much i needed time to rest afterwards. So i get home feeling pretty good (like mostg of the time),and i find my mum at the stove.So I’m thinking shes just cooking the ususal stuff b ut she went all healthy on the fam.

This was todays menu:

  • Pan fried fish coated in a flour and spice mix
  • Mash potatoes made with all the goodness and love ofcourse,fluffy with mixed herbs
  • Sautèd carrots
  • And lastly something i added green pepper for garnish

So to others it will sound so plain but the feeling you get from the action happening in your mouth,trust me you were going to love it just the way it was(yeah its past tense I ATE IT ALL)

UP) 😀