So yesterday was one hell of a day.I atteneded a young festival at my highschool and I must say there could’ve been more food but what they had to offer was still pretty good.

What was to offer:

  • Boerewors roll (how can that not be included,after all its a afrikaanse hoërskool)
  • Pizza
  • Cotton candy
  • Veggie wraps (for R30 but damn looked like it was worth it)
  • Variety of desserts
  • Shaved ice
  • Slush puppies
  • Hot dog
  • Cheese grill sandwiches
  • Rib burgers(another one of my favourites)
  • And all the usual stuff,snacks and sweets

Now that I look at this long list I guess there really was quiet a few cool stuff at this festival .Did I mention that there was a ‘Tea Garden’ specially made for all the hot beverage fans.I am not a hot beverage type of girl, especially coffee .My mum makes a mean cup of coffee I wont lie but I wouldn’t mind if I had one cup each of tea and coffee a month.That would do just fine for me.Festival food can be a lot of junk,but I mean hey one day wont hurt ya!!!