So you get those moments where you just feel like whipping up something nice and simple, but you just never know what exactly to make (unless you really already made up your mind ,lol).

Here’s a little something I first made last year, I don’t really have any formal name for it but its pasta with stir-fry or country crop veggies and feta cheese. So before we get into this, I have a thing for feta cheese ❤ .too nice!

RIGHT. . .

Ingredients (you may use your own measurements,depends on how hungry you are 😛 )

  • Pasta of your choice (first time I used the screwed pasta ).
  • Veggie stir-fry or just country crop veggies.
  • Atleast one circle or square of feta cheese.
  • Onions and peppers to fry ytour veggies or stir-fry.
  • Garlic (optional).
  • If you are a chilli lover, like me, it would be advisable to add a little to the stir-fry and maybe a chilli sauce for serving.


  • Boil your pasta.
  • Chop your onions and pepper in medium size ,reason being if you finely chop it ,it wont even be visible when  all stirred up with the veggies.
  • Put a little oil in a pan,let it heat up and add crushed or finely chopped garlic or curry powder to the pan and if you love chilli add a chilli of your choice to this heated oil.
  • Once your onions and peppers are browned well add the stir-fry or veggies.
  • Keep stirring until veggies seem a little bit softer than their natural form.
  • Dont forget your pasta! . Rinse it out once it has gone soft ,not mushy.We rinse it out to stop the cooking process .
  • Once that’s done,check your veggies and once they have softened add the pasta to the stir-fry .
  • Mix the pasta and stir-fry well together, there should’nt be a sign of “clean pasta”.
  • You can then switch off your stove and allow the mixture to cool down a little .
  • Dish up into a nice deep bowl (We don’t want the deliciousness spilling everywhere now, do we).
  • You then take the feta cheese and break pieces of it all over the top of your dish ,top with a sauce of your choice but this goes best with chilli sauce,sweet chilli or mayonnaise.

Go try this out sometime ,and don’t forget to keep the creativity flowing, If you want to add something or you get an idea while cooking, add it , You never know you might be creating the best dish of the world 😀 !!!