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Mug Cake 1

Mug cakes have been anĀ internetā€™s favorite for quiet sometime now. Ā Personally, I think they are okay asĀ a quick fix for dessert cravings and are definitely convenient and easy to put together. That said, it surely can notĀ replace the real thing for me.

With so many recipes floating on the web it is exciting to try new flavors but at the same time theseĀ simple recipes can easily turn into a failure if you donā€™t pay attention to the cooking time. The durationĀ you cook these cakes can be tricky ā€“ aĀ simple rule to follow toĀ make these cakes successful is to start with cooking them for 50 to 60 seconds and then gradually cook the cake at an increments of 10 seconds. Every microwave is different so instead of going by the time listed in a particular recipe ā€“ its safer to check at a 50 second mark and then take itĀ from thereā€¦

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