I decide to bake the other day.When I bake I usually am eager to bake my banana loaf/pudding. Reason why I call it a loaf pudding is because it’s not like all banana loaves. I was with my granny when I discovered this recipe, I decide that a loaf was just too dry for my liking so I thought id mix in pudding ingredients and maybe it would be moist and it definitely came out so moist I decided to call it a loaf/pudding(I couldn’t find anything shorter and anyway i just thought to myself that it wa unique)2015-09-27_23.34.42

(I’m really hoping that by next year I would’ve brought together enough money to get myself a proper camera*fingers crossed*)

So I’m sure you waiting for the recipe but that I will definitely post with my other special recipes on another day,although if you would really like to have the recipe you may email me on Kabaselenadined@gmail.com and I’ll hook you up 🙂